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Banter / Re: So...the forum is back....introduce yourself!
« on: April 03, 2013, 12:10:01 PM »
Hi All

I was an occasional poster on the old forum, very occasional!

Ive been into the mod scene since i was about 14, I was 40 last year. I just never grew out of it really, but then great taste never goes out of fashion does it?

I got my first scooter last year courtesy of my wife for my 40th ( a dream come true really as id never been able to save enough for one previously), its  a series 3 LI125 (Now 175). I DJ in Birmingham occasianly at a bar in a place called moseley, i'm into jazz, soul and funk and thats what i play - late 50's/60's to present. I dont really do many mod clubs as i tend to go to Northern Soul do's mainly. Living near the black country theres always lots of them on too, although we do try to get to the stoke allnighter each quarter.

Looking forward to contributing!

Steve  ;)

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