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Websites and Links / Re: DNA
« on: April 04, 2019, 03:13:23 PM »
I saw the new site the other day when I checked in, looks 8), now all I need from C is to post some more Bruno's in my size ;) !

Mod fashion and style / Re: Pretty Green in administration
« on: April 03, 2019, 05:44:50 PM »
I think everyone has a fair point here. Always good to have a choice and everyone likes different clobber.
Can't believe LG was very motivated in becoming a designer, more brand awareness stuff and you need to keep up with the whole world nowadays to make that work.
With PW and the crowd funding to keep RSAR afloat I find that disappointing. Looks like he wasn't confident enough to invest his own money in his own brand. Loosing everyone else money seemed a safer bet.  :o :o

Seem tae remember when ah read the Paolo Hewitt book oan Weller thir wis a few hints that he wis stingy wi' his ain dosh.  Good few years since ah read it, but pretty sure it said that the laddie he had runnin' his Riot Stories publishin' venture ended up in desperate straits cos he didnae get paid.
I don't think Weller has spoken to Paolo since  . .
...since he wrote that book about him that apparently p*ssed him off...

Mod fashion and style / Re: Pretty Green in administration
« on: April 02, 2019, 02:00:40 PM »

I'll put it this way: imagine you're given the chance to go back to, say, 1965's London and grab just one item of clobber from any of the Soho's or King Road's boutiques (feel free to add John Simons's Richmond Shop; sorry, Mike). Bespoke is not allowed, because it would take longer and we could alter the space-time continuum and f***k the planet  ;D.

I'm sure every one of us would come back with a different piece: maybe Martin or me would choose a bleeding madras USA jacket or a Roberto Carlo top, but someone else (Mike?) would bring back maybe a 3/4 length leather coat or a pointy collar silk shirt, and the next guy a London Fog mac or whatever. I mean, after going through the learning curve, we know what we like and, thanks mods' god, it doesn't have to ape others' tastes.

Yeah, GS. I confess when you ask me this today, I'd probably headed right to "Granny Takes a Trip" ;)!

Oh, and another data point, J Crew used to do all their Ludlows in 2 and 3 buttons but stopped the 3s several years ago. Iíve been lucky and got a few of their suits and jackets in 3B as NOS off eBay but theyíre getting harder to come by now. I had a charcoal Ludlow suit that the cleaners recently lost - I wasnít too bothered as itís maybe my least favourite suit and used only for work. Iím fighting with them now to pay the full replacement value.

The ADAM suits are a little "waisted", but they really exaggerate that on the site, I think they must pin the jackets back for display purposes. As far as JCrew goes, if you want a real "trad" Mod suit, 3 button or not, they don't offer the same details that ADAM (or JTG) offer...

Mod fashion and style / Re: Pretty Green in administration
« on: April 02, 2019, 12:15:09 AM »
As for finding 3 buttons, for the last several years itís been very hit and miss, whereas if you like 2 buttons you can get whatever you want.
A lot of my suits and jackets are converted from 2 to 3.
I tried JTG several years ago but they had gorilla sleeves and surgeon cuffs. I donít like DNA for all the slanted pocket flaps (jackets and strides). Iíve never tried AOL but would love to try one on whenever Iím next in the smoke so I can know my size and go from there.
I havenít really been inthe market for a suit or jacket as my wardrobe is full to bursting. Hoping to offload some stuff soon. Saying that I just scored a red linen 3B Boglioli blazer off eBay. Coming to the WAYW thread soon!
I've had good luck with the ADAM line, (although the last suit I bought recently they re-did the trousers so now they're the dreaded "tapered" leg which I abhor. 8in at the hem vs. the old 8.5in standard) you should give them a go.

Mod fashion and style / Re: Pretty Green in administration
« on: April 01, 2019, 09:46:49 PM »
I remember that tasty DB RSAR jacket of yours Mike but honestly how can you wear three button suits almost exclusively, make a name for yourself as the nominal leader of a vast subculture the member of which are largely dedicated to three button suits, then pour all your style knowledge and acumen into a clothing line which contains precisely zero three button suits!
I guess that was where he wanted to take the brand, DB jackets and higher stance 2 buttons.
You have to admit, there's plenty of people doing a 3 button suit, Have you ever had trouble finding one?
DNA, Adam, JTG, just to name a few plus all the other brands of suspicious quality (we know who they are)
Personally, I have maybe 3-4 ADAM 3Button suits, so I like the DB's to change it up (and besides, for a time there, you couldn't find a DB suit off the rack to save you, so there was the chance to really be unique).
Also, you know PW isn't gonna reform his band from that era, any sooner than he's gonna slip into his "winkle pickers" and parka...No one's telling him what to do. Heard his last LP ;D?
Interesting take on it all Mike . Personnally , I never bought into RSAR or Pretty Green mainly because I never found an item that l liked enough to buy . Whilst I have bought from Adam and Claudius over the years the bulk of my gear has probably came from brands that are not Mod specific. .
I reckon a lot of us also have our own tailors still too. .
Agree with you there, Simon I get all my trousers from DNA almost exclusively, 99% of my shirts are Brooks Bros. BD's (yeah I get a huge discount for working there, but still I like the shirts) Having things made has always been hit and miss as there are limitations to what they'll do (these are not full fledged bespoke tailors, but "custom M to M" services. A Bespoke suit here will easily run $4 G's, M to M anywhere from $7-1300).
Anyway, back to the subject at hand.
Yes, I totally get why some people wouldn't find anything that struck their fancy on any particular site (or shop).
And PG has been skewing younger over the years than my generation should be wearing.
Different Strokes/Folks. Like I'm not a cardi person, or probably wouldn't wear 75% of what John Simon sells, but I don't knock him for selling it, because someone's gonna dig it and look great in it...

Mod fashion and style / Re: Pretty Green in administration
« on: April 01, 2019, 07:11:43 PM »
I have a few PG pieces from over the years, have the cashmere and wool coat from years ago that was the PW collaboration. It's still my fav and the quality is very very high.
So I'm not here to trash PG.
I do reckon that they were trying to mass market the brand (hence, the tiny collars on shirts, knits, polos and suiting cut like every other manufacturer, too tapered trousers and low 2 button jackets) to eventually cash out (Like Ben Sherman did all those years ago) and sell off to a conglomerate (that's where the real money is)
In the beginning they did a decent job, I had no preconceived notions about LG (Oasis was just not that big of a thing in the States) but I noticed the brand always got smacked around on here, and always wondered why because it just wasn't that bad.
Then again,I invested heavily in RSAR too, so I guess I'm the "Outlier" here ;D

Mod fashion and style / Re: Ben Sherman Archive Modernist shirt
« on: March 15, 2019, 04:58:52 PM »
I recently bought one of the archive shirts, the fabric seems very thin, other than that the collar is still decent size, slightly smaller than the archive shirt I bought years ago ( let's say barely 3 full fingers vs. 3.25 fingers of my previous one)
For the money, I'd go with DNA. Even though I've never been able to fit in his shirts due to sleeve length his trousers are great, so I'm assuming the quality holds up... Or Art Gallery, they make a really nice shirt for the money IMO...

Mod fashion and style / Re: On the hunt
« on: March 14, 2019, 12:16:50 AM »
Careful there..."5% Elastine"...

Mod fashion and style / Re: The What Are You Wearing Thread
« on: March 12, 2019, 11:42:05 AM »
+ 1 on the shirt, not miles away from a JSimons madras number I own (but mine's a short sleeved shirt). Jacket's very nice too, fits you like a glove. Is it cord or sand/off white denim?
It's cord (well, 'Bedford cord', according to Levi's). The only problem is that the fabric contains a small percentage of elastane, which I really dislike.

Jacket looks good, I wouldn't worry about the stretch fabric in a jacket, but I won't wear any jeans/cords with that material though...

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