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I have put up this website with things I don't wear anymore...:

PM me if interested in some of the items!

Mod fashion and style / Haircuts...
« on: June 07, 2016, 05:53:53 PM »
For years I am sporting now more or less a side part... from pretty short sometimes to longer on top sometimes with always pretty short tapering in the back and sides... Now I am thinking of cropping them to a buzz cut again, like I had it about 8 years ago (the ones that lurk into Talk Ivy probably have already seen a similar topic started by myself):

Or... just cut very short but still barbered?

Or like the shortcut but slightly outgrown...

What do you think?

Fashion for sale or wanted / Lee 101 Selvedge jeans
« on: March 12, 2016, 04:59:03 PM »
I do have those Lee Selvedge jeans - one pair of "Loggers", one pair of "Zs".

Size 31/32. The Loggers are cut big, they probably are more comparable to a size 33/34 (they do have a narow leg though), whereas the Zs are cut rather tight and small - they also shrank in the washing machine, so they are more of a 30/30 now:

Original price 160, my price 45,-- each, shipping included. PM me if interested!

Fashion for sale or wanted / New Balance 670 Made in England
« on: March 12, 2016, 03:37:37 PM »
I am selling my New Balance Made in England 670s - worn a few times, plenty of live in them... US9,5/UK 8,5

Original Price 140,--, my price: 60,-- shipping included. Suggest price welcome. PM me if interested!

Fashion for sale or wanted / Split Toe Derbies
« on: March 12, 2016, 02:57:23 PM »
For Sale are Split Toe Derbies in Size 41,5 - cut big, so they compare to UK 8,5 or US 9,5:

Made in Spain, original price was 190,--

Not too often worn, pretty good condition... Heels and Topy are quite new. Trees are not included, I am gonna to keep them.

Asking 65, shipping included.

Fashion for sale or wanted / Various sports coats for sale!
« on: February 02, 2016, 10:41:29 AM »
Hi folks,

I do have some sports coats for sale.

First an amazing cut bespoke coat (no made for me, vintage 80s I suppose) out of herringbone cashmere/wool, needs some minor repairs (patches on the elbows, new buttons)... this is finest Viennese tailoring made by a guy that worked for Knize - soft shoulders, ticket pocket, double vents, very lightweight and soft:

shoulder          17,7"
pit to pit            21,6"
overall length   30,3"
sleeves            23,6"

all in all I'd say a 40S - 20 without shipping

Second, a more recent sports coat, also of bespoke quality made not for me in the Czech Republik by a really good tailor... well worn, needs a repair (sleeve lining loose) and a dry cleaning... this is a Hopsack windowpane - lightweight for spring and summer. Again soft shoulders, ticket pocket, double vents. this is not as suppressed in the waist as the first one:

shoulders       17,7"
pit to pit           21,6"
overall length  31,4"
sleeves           23,2"

This is more of a 40R - 15 without shipping

Next is a jacket made by the same tailor as the hopsack - Fox Brothers Cashmere Flannell, nice details again. Worn but flawless... Again double vents, ticket pocket and soft shoulders:

shoulders       17,3"
pit to pit           21,2"
overall length  30,3"
sleeve length   24"

This is narrower than the jackets before, but only a bit, in the shoulders and the waist - probably comparable to a 39R. This is much more expensive as there are no flaws - I only ask what I paid myself: 100,-- without shipping

All those jackets can easily be let out quite a bit as there is eonough fabric left inside. Those are bespoke coats!

Next is a similar cut coat by Strellson, needlecord but also three buttons and soft shoulders. Worn but flawless, no stains or holes:

shoulders        18"
pit to pit            21,2"
overall length  29,9"
sleeves           22,8"

It is tagged as EUR 46R (38R), but to me this is about 39R or 40S. Asking 20 without shipping.

PM me if interested!

If somebody wants to have them ALL (could work if you have a good alterations tailor) - I'd make a special price - let's say 115,-- without shipping.

Well you all know what it is. Made in England - undestroyable classic boots. Size 9.


Used Lorens by Lormoc Pennys, very similar to modern Bass Weejuns but much higher quality... Not too often worn. Topy added for more grip on wet surfaces.

Size 8 / EUR 42


I am clearing out my wardrobe - those are mostly shoes that don't fit too well or that aren't worn too much anymore... as I have more than 50 pairs it's been time to clear out!

ASOS Made in England (NPS Solovair), size 8 UK - lightweight and summery:

40,-- plus shipping

Vienna Made "Fischer" shoes, Goodyear welted, size 8 UK - also rather summery:

50,-- plus shipping

Italian Made summer brogues, size 8 UK - again summer shoes:

30,-- plus shipping

Italian made loafers, very good quality, size 8 UK:

40,-- plus shipping

Fred Perry Canvas Sneakers, size 9 UK:

15,-- plus shipping

Lands' End canvas sneakers with leather laces, size 9 US (but like 9 UK):

10,-- plus shipping

"Van Lier" Longwing Brogues, Goodyear Welted, size 9 UK:

35,-- plus shipping

And finally, Esprit pants, slim fitting and low rise - size 46 (32 waist)

20,-- plus shipping

If interested, please send me a PM - cheers, Dom

P.S.: the Canvas sneakers have been in the washing machine and were never worn without invisible socks... whoever wants the Fred Perrys gets the Lands' End pair for free.

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