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Books and other printed media / Runaway Soul!
« on: March 01, 2017, 07:34:37 PM »
My latest collection of Modernist Beat Poetry - Runaway Soul! is out now available from various online retailers. Celebrated Mod Fiction author Jason Brummell has also written a review which I wish to share as it is, in my opinion, a great review :D

Jason Disley's RUNAWAY SOUL review:
Jason's latest collection of poetry is centred around Soul; both musically and metaphysically. The playful modal and lyrical word-play swing of his previous Jazz and Blues inflected prose is replaced here by a more four-to-the-floor heart-beating rhythm and the rhymes are neater in their metre, immersed here in a Tamla feel.

There is both light and shade in this collection and the darker hues are heavy, (Heavy Soul anyone?) and are a harder read - an all too familiar recognition of the state of things in the World today and the depressing inevitability of it in the hands of Governments, their Media bedfellows (so just who is holding who to account these days) and those whose privilege seems to stop at their own front door leaves a bitter taste.

On the flip-side is the soaring joy of those fleeting perfect escapist moments of life and dance floor that make being in the moment (not so much trapped in the moment but free in that instant) the highest of highs. The uplifting and positive side of the coin is a true wonder to be a part of and an enjoyable read.

As ever with Jason's poetry there are some wonderfully evocative lines... A Different Life begins 'The streets of the city, wet with pleasure reveal amber reflections of squat ugly black cabs...' a poem that sees this scene from the eyes of those on a night out and a homeless man. The Gil Scott-Heron-esque line 'Circumstance can be a BITCH!' is particularly powerful.

I also particularly enjoyed the caffeine-fuelled fantasy of Words of Wisdom from an Absolute Beginner who is then snapped out of his escapist reverie by the finishing of his coffee and folding '... the paper and place it on the empty seat beside me...'

Another highlight is the Bobby Tarlton inspired Soul Believer with its marvellous ending 'Wear your hat the right way round and go LIVE your life...'

This collection is highly recommended and well worth adding to his other works - available via Lulu, Amazon or easier still via Jason himself

As expected there are a number of nods to Soul artists; James Brown, Mose Allison, Sharon Jones, Smokey, Rob Galliano (a very big influence) and also the socially conscious Marvin, Curtis and the aforementioned GSH.

Follow the link below if you'd like to purchase.

Over the last couple of years I have been getting back to one of my favourite creative past times - writing. This year has seen myself complete a novella which I hope to see published at some point. Called,  Seven Day Fool.  It is a private eye/ detective tale set in Manchester in 1965 with plenty of interest to mods, social historians and thriller fans alike. But, whilst I wait for a release date, I have returned to writing poetry, writing a book called, Jazz Poetry - Improvisations In Language   -
A collection of Jazz related poems - that was produced with an accompanying playlist of tunes that compliment the collection.
I was very enthused by its reception on its publication,  and soon set about  writing another collection to follow on from the last. This one - Beat, Blues and the Rhythm of Fools is a collection that I am especially pleased with. Commenting on life now, it uses The Blues, and other musical influences to help convey my spontaneous thoughts on life and society now as well as paying homages to blues artists, such as Slim Harpo and Howlin Wolf. Influenced by the original Beat Generation it is written in a style that is free flowing at times but also irregular at others - akin to Jazz, and Blues rhythm's.  Jason Brummell kindly delivers a foreword to the book and states it is Unashamed in its emotional nakedness.
I hope that it connects with people and felt that as it covers a wide range of topics and is typical of the Mod mindset I felt it only right to share it here. So forgive me for what seems like just a plug, but in true mod fashion I wish to show it off and look forward to hearing your comments on this endeavour and even comments on the books should you have read them.
Cheers Jason Disley.

Both Jazz Poetry - Improvisations In Language and Beat, Blues and the Rhythm of Fools are available from and in the coming weeks will be available from Amazon.

Mod fashion and style / Beards
« on: December 19, 2013, 02:24:57 PM »
Ok probably considered a very  un "mod" thing  to have yet there  is a resurgence in facial hair and not  just because of  last  months  Movember it seems to be a  fashion statement. Recent  pictures  of "Media Mods" have been wearing face furniture i.e. Bradley Wiggins, Eddie Pillar etc - I myself have even been growing a  beard for the  last  8 weeks. Many other  people seem to be wearing them and apparently its the male population in a post TOWIE world regaining their masculinity after the whole fake tan brigade assaulted our senses. As fashion  looks  back to the 20's and  30's (Gatsby, Peeky Blinders etc) it has  become apparent that a beard can look great  with a tailored  look -and when you  look at  the  whole post  mod  era of the late  60's when hair  became  longer and then the hairy seventies arrived as a backlash against the slightly effeminate Hippy culture happened -do you think that a  similar  thing is happening now? Can a beard be  seen as "mod" or  is it  just for hipsters and beatniks? I'd  like  to read your  thoughts  on this  matter. :0)

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