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It is my very great pleasure to inform you all of my new venture. I am starting a publishing company. I would love you to also join me on the new SUAVE COLLECTIVE PUBLISHING face-book page, however I will of course keep you informed on the titles coming out on here too.

Suave Collective Publishing is a new niche publisher that aims to produce pocket-size paperbacks that can be read on a commute or a lunch-hour over the course of a week or so.

It aims to bring out the best in fiction and non-fiction in a variety of niches, but always with a style and a passion that should transcend the genres. Best of all the pocket-sized paperbacks will always be at pocket-money prices.

If you're an author, or an aspiring one, Suave Collective Publishing will offer you a genuine return on your efforts; not simply the 4-8% on the profits most publishers will offer you. Also, unlike most so called vanity-publishers you wont be asked to pay for the printing either.

Each book will come in wrapped in a design that not only graces the text within but also rewards the illustrator or the artist involved, with 50p of each book sold going directly to the artist.

Come on boy, Come on girl, succumb to The Suave Collective.

Doing the rounds on FB at the minute is the challenge to come up with 10 tracks that you wouldn’t normally hear on a Mod/Northern/Soul/Revival Club night, but in their own way could, and some may argue SHOULD, grace the decks and the sprung wooden dance floors of such events.

As so many of my next favourite tunes or artists are picked up through tips on here I thought we could give it a go on here...

You'll note I’ve added in you-tube files in each case as whilst many people will be familiar with these, there may be a couple on here that people may not be, in which case you’d be doing yourself a mighty big favour by checking them out!

Would be good form for those with recommendations to add the you-tube to your selections.

So here goes mine:

Firstly a brace of tunes that used to get some good Mod plays in the mid 80’s and bands that need little or no introduction…’bout time we heard these doing the rounds again

1.   Small Faces Don't burst my bubble

2.   Kinks Sitting on my sofa

Now a tune that’s squirrelled away on a Decca B-side from 1964 – this is a monster from a guy who’s voice is up there with some of the greats of UK Soul Shouters:

3.   Steve Aldo Baby what you want me to do

On the Soul side a couple of tunes that should again get more plays than they receive. The first is the great Rusty Springboard proving that she too was a great white Soul singer and could have graced many a Motown track and secondly, never mind the very over-played Ramsey Lewis and Marlena Shaw versions. This is the DEFINITIVE version. Let Mama take you to school..

4.   Dusty Springfield - Live it up

5.   Big Mama Thornton - Wade in the water

Moving into Northern Territory, here’s a couple of tunes that would really grace the talcum powdered dance floors, one from an artist who almost never gets played at such events and one who frequently do, but never this track…

6.   James Brown Why did you take your love away from me

7.   Impressions Stay close to me

Moving up to date to the Mod Revival era, a couple of tunes I’ve always loved but have rarely heard. The first is a B-side to a tune that started the whole Two-Tone she-bang and deserves greater plays and secondly an album track to one of the finest live acts I’ve ever seen…

8.   The Selecter Selecter]

9.   JTQ Car Crash

And finally a tune, albeit from 1968, that to me typifies why Mods Christened themselves as Modernists. I’m sure you’ll dig!

10.   Tubby Hayes Dear Johnny B

Somewhat a little way off, but I am delighted to have been asked to take part in the first London Modernist Literary Event at the Cockpit in Marylebone.

The event features not just chancers like me but some of the finest chroniclers of our Mod scene; luminaries such as Terry Rawlings, Paul 'Smiler' Anderson, Simon Wells and Mark Baxter.

It will also feature prolific writers like Ian 'Snowy' Snowball and significant movers and shakers on our scene like John Hellier and Stuart Deabill as well as a guest appearance from Rick Buckler who will be showcasing his soon to be released autobiography and no doubt answering loads of questions about The Jam and not very many about Time UK.

The plan is to basically chat through our influences (read 10 people all saying 'Richard Barnes Mods book') and our perspective on our shared passion - The Mod scene... and if nothing else the wardrobe war should be worth the entrance fee alone.

Books will be available at the event although in the unlikely event that most people on here do not already have all the books by the authors on show, bring them along and we'll no doubt deface them with our scribble.

Tickets are price at £15 each and available from the following link:

I received this book on Saturday. It's an absolute tour-de-force. Fantastic!!

It is clearly a passionate work and that comes across, both in Tony's brief interjections and in the writing of his many and varied contributors. I'd always liked what I'd read by Robert Nicholls but fleshed out here it is stunningly evocative of an era that I was too young to witness (I was born 1970). I'm only about 100 pages in (and it's a BIG book for those who have yet to take the plunge) but everything so far has been top-drawer!

Whilst the photo's in Richard Barnes 'Mods' bible have rightly taken many plaudits over the years I'd always loved his text that framed them - respectful but humorous and not po-faced or over-earnest and I think that description can equally be applied to Sawdust Caesars.

The thick hard back book is text heavy but the well chosen photo's are also a delight (especially those contributed by the very lovely Gill Evans) - It covers all aspects of Mod up to the present day and although I have only read the first 100 pages so far I am looking forward to reading from 'modern-day Mod' people who I know have both immense passion for and respect for our scene, such as Paul 'Smiler' Anderson and Sandra Hutchinson - all in all a work-of-art!

I bought mine on pre-order from Tony directly a while back via his Sawdust Caesars FB page but he does have a web-site and the book is well worth the purchase price of around £25 (including postage)

With this and Paul's book earlier this year (Mod's the New Religion) we have been thoroughly spoiled for quality Mod literature.

Many congratulations to Tony - it is a book that the scene deserves and everyone on the scene deserves to read!

Mod fashion and style / Tearing up the rule book...
« on: June 26, 2014, 03:58:27 PM »
Should put the cat among the pigeons...

Some interesting stuff and some you'll laugh at, but I would always argue that individuality is never a bad thing, and ultimately you should wear it, knowing that you're either obeying or breaking the 'unwritten' laws of style...

I know, I know I've been away.... but I can't come back until I know the current length of side vents....

Hurrah there is truly a God and in his infinite wisdom the Holy Grail is now available again at a bargain price!!!

It's taken a couple of weeks to arrive, but it's been worth the wait...

... I can now dispose of the 'burnt' copy from Andy Diabolik which is so worn out it now has more jumps than Aintree

This was mentioned a little while back on ModCulture web-site and the whole range is superb (and selling out fast - it has limited numbers)

I've just received my Be-bop top this morning and it is truly a thing of beauty.

Butter-soft material and lovingly crafted - the buttons are spot on!

For those man-sized men - the Large Be-Bop fitted well and I'm a 44" chest and six feet tall, and essentially the length is also good -something I can struggle with in the old Duffer knitwear and Gabicci clobber - It would also be fair to say that neither Duffer or Gabicci can hold a candle to the Connection Knitwear collection!

Move over Smedley - there is a new knitwear king in town!

I'll be ordering again next pay-day

Superb - Forza Daniele!

Websites and Links / Liam does it again...
« on: March 19, 2014, 10:46:56 AM »
For those who couldn't decide which pocket-square to wear...

... Liam has solved your dilema for you...

...and if you're tailor failed to line the stripes up on your pockets... what would you do?


In light of Smiler's impending book - If Mods are the new religion, who is it's Deity and what are your ten commandments?

I'll kick off with:

God = Beau Brummell - In an age of over the top pomposity, he introduced, amongst other things 'The Suit' as a concept and bathing daily... he also sent his laundry to the countryside for airing and used to get gloves made at two different makers - one for the fingers and one for the thumbs - how Mod/Mad (delete as applicable) is that! He also used Champagne to polish his boots... although no-one seems to have suggested this in the tip-top tips thread yet...

Commandment = If thou is to wear the shoes of basket weave then they should be like those of the disciple Claudio's at DNA and not those of an African Prince!

Banter / It's the I tell 'em
« on: February 26, 2014, 08:07:38 PM »
In light of a few gags not out of place on 70's show the comedians being trawled out on Tattoo's thread perhaps they deserve a home of their own... And here it is...

I'll kick off with a couple, firstly a Mod joke:

How many Mods does it take to change a lightbulb?
Two - one to change it and the other to say 'it's all-right but I prefer the original'

And a TC classic:

I went to the Dr the other day and said 'Do you have anything for persistent wind?'
He said 'yes' and gave me a kite!



Please no out and out offensive material - we want proper gags. All posts to end with Ithangyoo

Go on do your worst!

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