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Dark grey really nice William Hunt long sleeve knitted polo.

Mucked up by washing it too hot and itís shrunk.

Labelled as XL but these are small fitting.

Only looking for £5 just to cover post and packing.

Can send photos if you send me your email.


Scoots and scootering / Ride of Remembrance 2014
« on: November 09, 2014, 08:00:52 PM »
not everyone's cup of tea I accept but a sight to behold.

we left from Middlesex/Surrey borders and there were about 50 of us, with people stopping traffic at roundabouts making it a great journey until we got to around shepherds bush.

Got to regents park and it was awash with scooters. someone had a count up and there was 1020 scooters! Pretty amazing, after the silence and then wait about 3/4 off the scooters appeared to head off into central London. It is pretty great experience to be part of so many, with all pedestrians either grabbing phones/cameras of covering their face from the 2 stroke fumes.

We went to lay the wreaths and then off to the pub just off the Kings road.

Great day, great weather, great people, great respect.

Lots of every type of scooterist there, obviously plenty of Mods and every type of scooter. followed a few of the new Scomadi and they looked quite smart.

well done scooter riding people.


Mod fashion and style / ZARA BASKET WEAVE SHOES
« on: May 06, 2014, 05:35:43 PM »
Been in Barcelona this weekend and got dragged in Zara by the other half. Very pleasantly surprised to see that they have just brought out some really nice brown basket weave shoes. Not clued up enough to post the pictures but you can see them on the Zara website. Fit and look very nice. I'd definitely recommend them.

Price on website is £80. I paid about 70 euros, so about £60 at Barcelona airport.

Been meaning to do this for years. I have, what I think, is a really cool dark blue vintage Daks value blazer with 3 metal buttons. It has a very cool mauve paisley lining.

Used to wear it in my younger days but it is miles too small now. I believe, by measuring from pit pit when it is done up that it is about a 40"chest. It has about 5 inside pockets.

It's been in the loft and could do with a good clean and press. The lining has had a couple of repairs and could do with another one. I, at times, thought about selling it but couldn't with the lining plus I really want this to go to a mod rather than just anyone.

I don't know how to add the pictures but can send these by email.

Few other details: length of sleeve (from top of shoulder) 25"
With across at middle button is 18" saying it is slim fitting.

On the right person this would be a great jacket.

It's sort of free. I don't want anything for it and will even post at my cost on the understanding that if you want and have it you make a donation to cover the postage to a charity  if it isn't for you you try and finds good home for it without profit.

A bit vague and I know difficult without pictures. Any questions please contact me.


Scoots and scootering / Ride of remembrance 2013
« on: November 10, 2013, 08:32:19 PM »
Proud day today. Went to the ride of remberance organised by the Wasps. Amazing day, fantastic turnout, been on a few of these but never seen so many scooters. Estimated around 900 - I don't think that was an exaggeration. Weather was great, every type of scooter and scooter person in attendance. Lots of mods. Ride all through London was geat and so many tourists taking photos. Big respect to all the team that organised it and everyone who went. Police very helpful and even they said they were surprised by the numbers.

Banter / IOW Brighton - what people thought?
« on: August 29, 2013, 08:09:31 PM »
Really not sure where this should go - not really an upcoming event or scooter rally (well in all aspects). Wanted to know what people thought, if they went ( without all the politics of what people were wearing or rode - that gets too provocative for me).

I went to the IOW as some of the people I go with are not mods.been for the last 6 Years and first venture was in 83!

Had a great weekend. It's not the same without Hipshaker but others made the effort for the mod element this year. Somehow manged to not see any rain and our journey down from West London/Middlesex was smooth, quite a surprise in itself as there were 8 lambrettas and my Vespa!

Friday night we went to the balcony bar (not my favourite place) after a few of the pubs. The town seemed quiet on Friday compared to previous years and the balcony was half full. Secret affair were playing and I had avoided this band as I didn't want to tarnish my image from the 80's. I was pleasantly surprised, they sounded good and put on a good show. Nice cover of I don't need no doctor and a Brian Auger track. Quite good sounds after, trying to please all. I was with a mixed crowd and they all had a good night.

Sat we went to the boathouse alldayer in the afternoon, really good, caught half of the bands set and they were good (name anyone?) in the evening the mod element amongst our crowd made the journey to Rob Messers do in Newport. Good effort to put the Almost Grown weekend on but it was a long way from Ryde and that affected the attendance (£53 for a taxi home). Music was really good and even though it was a large venue with big dance floor it was full for the last 3 hours. a smart crowd in attendance and some great dancers.

Sunday night was spent in the Crown and then at Ham Yard. Seen some really positive feedback on Facebook about the night for us though it was too packed (not often get a chance to say that about a mod night) and personally for me, too much ska. Smart crowd and quite a few really into it.

Although this is a national scooter run there was so much aimed at mods. Most of the entertainment was mod influenced. Queuing for the ferry about 75 per cent of people were mod influenced ( of varying degrees but desert boots definitely in the ascendancy). The town itself really makes an effort all the shops were vying for the mod pound but doing it well. They had produced a newspaper,raffleing a Vespa, every shop had something about the scene in the window,quite a few with scooters. One had at least 3 scooters, we're showing northern soul videos and had Brutus/Gabbici etc clothes on sale. It is easy to critise it it's is all a bit of a circus but it generates an interest in the scene and helps traders stay in business - keeps people interested in scooters and that helps us all ( I believe)

There were plenty of smart mods looking sharp and I reckon over the weekend I saw about 20 people I used to go to sneakers with in the 80's

A very good weekend all round. On way down heard about bad crash on the A3 involving a scooter. Hoping whoever is okay. If anyone has news?

Will be back next year and hoping for a return for Hipshaker just to make it even more Mod!

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