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Banter / Help, recommended London hairdresser?
« on: February 24, 2014, 09:49:14 AM »
 I am fairly obsessive about my Barnet, but my regular hairdresser (of 15 years) took leave of her senses on Saturday and cut my hair short, in what can only described as a late 70's welleresque crop. I am fairly devastated and although it will be better in a couple of weeks, feel I need to find someone who understands what I want. I live in Essex and work in south east London so commute via Stratford to woolwich daily.  I am happy to go into town but don't want to go too far off the beaten track. Any recommendations?

Banter / Mental I tunes?
« on: September 08, 2013, 10:41:25 PM »
Growing up with two older sisters who had very different tastes meant I was exposed to a variety of music from an early age. ELO's Mr Blue Sky was in the charts when I learned to ice skate at the Billingham Forum  and I remember tearing around the rink while it played, but that was it, although my eldest sister was into them. Anyway, having heard that song on tv recently I decided to listen to it while ironing my shirts so put their greatest hits on you tube on my iPod. What freaked me out was that as it played I found myself not only knowing but actually singing along to most of the songs. I don't own nor have actively listened to ELO so can only think that some of the music I heard as a young child has stuck in the recesses of my brain like a mental version of I tunes! Has anyone else experienced this?

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