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These  jackets, like a hacking /suit jacket /sport jacket, but with a collar instead of lapels seem quite common in the early 60's - here are a couple of the beatles (John and Paul ) wearing them

and here Mick Jagger

and here Bill Wyman

So does anyone know what they are called ? Some Safari Jacket and leather jackets have a slightly similar shape, but these look more tailored. Also, are they still available anywhere, does anyone know ?

I noticed that Macy's "Club Room" has some ok looking Mock Turtlenecks and "smedley" esque 3 button wool polos (actually both 50/50 merino /acrylic), and they do deliver to the UK for 20 or so. Mock turtlenecks don't come cheap in the UK so I was tempted , but do any America forum folk have an idea of fit ? Not slim fit, I'm sure , but I'm hoping a medium is not superbig (22 inch across the chest , or more )

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