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Dark grey really nice William Hunt long sleeve knitted polo.

Mucked up by washing it too hot and itís shrunk.

Labelled as XL but these are small fitting.

Only looking for £5 just to cover post and packing.

Can send photos if you send me your email.


Upcoming mod events / Re: DREAMSVILLE 2017
« on: July 16, 2017, 07:21:40 PM »
Our first time as well, was very impressed (apart from the heat, it was really hot, slightly better on the Saturday).

Nice town (first time I've been) with loads of (mobility) scooters, never seen so many in one place. Decent places to eat and it didn't cost a fortune.

Martin, shame you left at 0130 on Saturday, I think from 0200 to 0400 was the best part, it did seem to empty out a bit but everyone just got really into it. Very surreal wandering out at 0400 to it being light!

We thought it might be a bit elitist but everyone was very friendly. The hotels were close to the venue, a mere 5 min walk along the promenade and ours was about 3/4 full with a mod crowd.

Was really well organised and we have booked the hotel again for next year.

The highlight for me was as we walked into the venue on Friday, just as you get to the main room and see the venue packed with so many smart people was spine tingling. Yes many of us not the youngest but what a sight it was. I'm used to smaller venues and it's been a long long time since I have been anywhere with so many smart suited people filling a very large dance floor.

I would recommend it to anyone.


General music chat / Re: What gigs have you been to? feedback ect.
« on: December 04, 2015, 07:25:39 PM »
Hi Mike Tuesday's gig is at Tunbridge Wells mate? I've seen them a few times. I got bottled first time (Nice!) and as you say last time was at Hyde Park it was just ridiculous. I saw them do a small invite only thing at Gibson Guitars nears Euston and it was fantastic.  No numpties at all just an enthusiastic crowd of proper fans

cheers Martin - nearly turned up on the wrong day! Now found out its Thursday for Guildford and my mate has the hump as I told him it was the 8th and he has a Christmas do on 10th.

Enjoy Tuesday  - expect a review!


General music chat / Re: What gigs have you been to? feedback ect.
« on: December 03, 2015, 08:57:56 PM »
I may as well get my swimming trunks out then! Weller Saturday and The Rifles Tuesday!

I do know what you all mean though and is something I have long bemoaned! These chumps are just idiots in every sense and are always the first with the old "We Are The Mods...!" nonsense too.


I am at Guildford to see the Rifles on Tuesday (couldn't get Boogaloo tickets).  Be nice to say Hi. I'll be the bald mod late 40's !(as will be half the crowd).

Hoping there will be no beer throwing as it's the acoustic tour - unlike when they supported the who at Hyde Park.

Also hoping to see all the gig as it has a time curfew - unlike the Boogaloo where they come on 10 mins before my last train home!

Cheers mike

General music chat / Re: The Who, Hyde Park 26th June
« on: June 30, 2015, 10:02:44 PM »

Do you think the sound is something to do with it being Hyde Park and the neighbours?

I thought both Weller and The Who was like watching with the sound turned down slightly. recently just got ack from the IOW festival and admittedly I was further away from the stage, but you just couldn't compare the sound.


General music chat / Re: The Who, Hyde Park 26th June
« on: June 27, 2015, 02:43:43 PM »
Good write up Martin, well described.

We had a really good day, enjoying the sunshine and beer (except the stuff that covered us whilst watching the Rifles!)

It was mobbed really busy and people from everywhere, lots of Italians, Amercians etc. hard to get a beer, which makes it even more surprising that people want to chuck it everywhere (when it's £5 a pop)

lots and lots of mods and some pretty smart people as well, as Martin mentioned, every facet of mod/60's culture in attendance. I don't think I have every been anywhere where there were so many Fred Perry"s being worn.

We got into town mid morning and everywhere we went we saw groups of lads who were going. Had a few beers in pubs in the west end and lots of visitors taking advantage of the Fred Perry shops in Seven dials and Covent Garden.

We enjoyed Johnny Marr although he isn't really my cup of tea, Kaisers just don't do it for me anymore so we left them early to get right at the front for the Rifles. Naively didn't think it would be that crazy at the front, just managed to stay to the edge of the silliness. Great set and really enjoyed the mass of people leaving the Rifles and heading to Weller, singing the old Whoaaaaa bit.

I don't think Hyde Park Is that great for the view and for the Who we positioned ourselves in front of one of the screens - that was better than our nearer but wider position for Weller.

Great day out.


General music chat / Re: The Who, Hyde Park 26th June
« on: June 25, 2015, 09:35:38 PM »
I am going! Looks like a cracking day. Going with a few mates who aren't Mods but love their music.

Disappointed that The Rifles are only  on for 30 mins but pleased the latest Weather report shows no ain - got soaked at IOW music festival wo weeks ago.

starting about 1000 in the West End, so hope to be quite merry by the evening.

Imagine there will be quite a few Mods about!

I will be in the minority by not wearing target t-shirt but will have desert boots.

Enjoy.  Mike

Thats great ....... hope you enjoy it. We're really happy to have our regular team of Guest DJs back ....... Eddie, Smiler and Dave on the same night should be good!

Will be there for both nights. Have the hotel booked,looking forward to you being back on the Island.

Going over next week for the warm up! Will be at the music festival and at the tent. Looking forward to the flicks on the Thursday  and then spending time in there when most of the people in there haven't a clue about how good so many of the tunes are!
Slum it on the campsite, which I find a real struggle.



General music chat / Re: What gigs have you been to? feedback ect.
« on: March 17, 2015, 05:51:27 PM »
Great review W12! Sounds like the event you attended was a mixed bad but with some decent acts. I know Squire of course from my time as a teenage Mod kid back in the late 1970s but they never really shone for me. I have seen Len Price 3 a few times and although as you say 100 MPH and about as full on as you can get they seem a bit over done at times for me. Samuel Parkes is one to watch for definite. I saw him with OCS and will be keeping an eye out for him with his band as a few pals of mine rate him as you do. Like I say a great review mate.

I really was impressed by Samuel S Parkes, which was quite refreshing. The gave out a free EP and we grabbed 2 if anyone wants the spare one drop me your address and I will gladly send it. Although they played covers at Reading the EP is their own material (I think, I only listened once). Cheers mike

General music chat / Re: What gigs have you been to? feedback ect.
« on: March 16, 2015, 08:54:50 PM »
Went to  'March of the Mods' in Reading yesterday. Was a real mixed bunch of bands playing. The event started at 1300 and went on with Squire headlining and coming on at 2230 so you needed some stamina. Unfortunately after a stag day on Saturday I didn't have the stamina. A real difficult event to organise and hard to judge the ebb and flow of the punters throughout the day.

I really like the flicks and they were kicking off proceedings at 1300. Got there about 15 mins into another excellent set from them. They were on first, it was 1 in the afternoon and they still had people on the dancefloor - says it all really. After their set quite afew people on scooters left, which was disappointing for the Last Fakers who played their own songs and deserved to play to a bigger crowd.

A bit later crowd seem to swell and a covers band went down really well to a lot of people there.

The Turning, another young band came on and had a lot of promise.

The second band I had wanted to see 'the Len price 3' came on at 5 and were excellent as usually 100 mile an hour Medway sound. A really great live band.

best surprise for me was SMAUEL S PARKES, and the day after still can't stop thinking about how much I enjoyed their set. A tribute Northern band BUT with a real stamp of individuality about it. I presume the lead singer is Samuel, who has a great voice and started with a fantastic version of a little misunderstanding - I was mesmerised by the rest of the set. The backing singer was decked out in her Northern baggies and would sporadically dance while on stage or even on the dancefloor and by dance I mean really really dance - not just a shuffle. The band looked the part a mixture of modish looks.

The band have supported OCS and the rifles recently and if your are out and about and they are supporting someone make the effort to see them, really very good.

We left as the next band came on as I was gone, drunk too much and so I missed couple of bands.

I am sure this event isn't everyone's cup of tea but it must take a hell of a lot of work and is for a great cause so I take my hat off to the organisers and the bands for a good event for only a tenner you really had a bargain.



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