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Have to change all out plans again!

after 2 disappointing Hipshaker free years at the IOW we had made plans to go to Brighton for a change. Have really missed you guys there, none of the others came up to scratch.

After meeting up on Sunday we have now changed our minds and will be back on the Island (and I hate the first 5 miles on the scooter home after getting off the ferry).

Can you recommend and decent places to stay around Ventnor? (there's usually between 6-10 of us and have stayed at Noades point the last couple of years - so holiday camp/hotel suggestions would be great.

Thanks Mike

Banter / Re: The Revival Revival.
« on: January 14, 2015, 10:37:45 PM »
This thread is really good. So many things I can relate to and are so relevant to my journey. Was 13 at school in 79 and went through school years was led so much by Carnaby street (Soulstar the picture reminds me so much of that period). I remember getting the fanzines, so badly printed I spent many hours trying to re-write the pages to make them legible! remember the skins at the top of the spiral staircase - well scary with tattoo's on their faces.

Phoenix list was so important for the next few years. I still have afew of the patches from the rally's.

For me it changed when I was befriended by Rob Messer at the Brighton Mod rally ( the one in the big tent, where everyone kept saying 300 skins were coming along the beach to get us).

after a few more rally's (Hastings, excellent , Bournemouth, really horrible and violent) started to hang round with Rob, Gavin and Aaron.

As implied in other posts we went to the gigs at the time, Makin Time, The Scene etc et (Lammyriders picture of his records could have been taken of my records at the time) and then progressed to clubbing in London (Sneakers, Purple pussycat and The Phoenix, the later blowing us away). We were (I was slightly on the outside and as Soulstar said really regret not speaking to more people) part of a really vibrant London scene and was such a great time. We were going out to clubs up to 4-5 times per week. Used to see the same people out and about - Camden Stylists, South London Gents, East London, Essex lot, Ugly Bugglies and our West London suburbs bit. Paul Hallam was central to all this (for us) and from our part of the world. We were meeting as part of the C of L (city of London) Mods and would get together in various pubs in the West end/The City

We travelled quite a bit, Clacton had quite a few do's, Swindon, ( may be repeating myself) National Mod meeting - where Time out took a photo of our little group (when I popped to the car) mindyou i fell asleep at the wheel driving home along the M4 and was woken up as my car went on the hard shoulder and then the noise it makes - allnignhters were crap if you were driving. culminating in the best times at Hayling Island. Two brilliant weekends spent there when everything just was perfect. think there may have been other Hayling trips afterwards but I didn't go on them.

It could be a bit 'elitist' and I also regret not having the confidence to dance more often and spent most of the time at the bar. wouldn't change any of those times for anything.

Drifted away due to changing jobs and working shift work where it got difficult to get the time to fit everything in, supporting QPR - suddenly working with lots of single women.

One really good thing, and a trestiment to that group of people, that there are still quite a few involved in 'the scene' some way or another. Over the last 12 months I have seen at least 20 of that crowd (of the ones I knew) at various do's.

everyone was really smart and went to alot of effort with their attire. They really followed the 60's values and constantly getting clothes made and spending everything on clothes or having a good time. every time photos appear from that period it brings back so many fantastic memories.


General music chat / Re: What gigs have you been to? feedback ect.
« on: January 12, 2015, 10:31:26 PM »
All Night Workers - Half Moon Putney.

Who ? Exactly, never heard of them myself either.

Came back all enthused to write about last nights gig but after reading about Booker T it's not on that level.

I really like the Half Moon in Putney, great small proper venue in a nice part of the world. when browsing their gigs saw one for the All night workers - Memphis soul from English band who worked with lots of bands in the 60's. Gave the band a good write up and said everyone would be dancing by the end. tickets only 6 so worth a gamble.

being Sunday thought it would be lucky if there would be more than a handful of people in attendance. definitely wasn't full but a reasonable crowd but many seemed to be connected to the band.

The band were made up of 10 people!!!! four piece brass section, singer, drummer, keys and three guitars- quite a feat to fit that many on the Half Moon stage!

They started and got to say I was mightily impressed. Best described as a Soul Revue they belted out some real classic Soul including Jackie Wilson, Eddie Floyd, Otis etc.

The Band were really tight, great sound and the singer had a great strong voice - really sounded good. we went to the main bar in the intervial and managed to grab 1 minute with the singer. I was looking at the poster that showed them in the 60's andaskedwhich one he was. He wasn't in the picture and told us he joined the band abit later in 1968. He joined for a Rufus Thomas tour and he talked briefly about playing at the Marquee,Flamingo and many of the US air force bases. too quickly he had to get back on stage for the second set.

The second set seemed a bit more up tempo and immediately everyone around us was dancing. I wouldn't say anyone was Mod but imagined that quite a few were original mods. some of them made some pretty impressive moves.

A really good gig - only covers, I think with 1 original track, but everything was executed with finesse and the singer was pretty impressive.

I should have found out more about the band and suppose I could have googled them but it was good to have a pleasant surprise.

the band seem to play close to their SW London roots but if you see the name I reckon you won't be disappointed if you went along to see them.


General music chat / Re: What gigs have you been to? feedback ect.
« on: January 09, 2015, 11:42:29 PM »
What gigs have I been to? Well, 30 years ago today I went to see The Rage and Makin' Time at the 100 Club.

If you'll excuse the plug, I've written about it (and those times) here:

I'm not a big one for going to see old Mod bands but will make an exception for The Rage and The Scene at the 100 Club later this month (23rd). Interested to hear from others about their memories of that period.

Takes me back. Was definitely at two 100 club gigs where the girls took their tops off! I was more into Makin' Time though - had some great times at the 100 club watching them. we all had a crush on Fay Hallam. -like your list of bands from around then. Believe, if my timing is right, we were also into the Truth as well. saw them at the 100 club a few times - literally queuing round the block to get in.  The Untouchables were pretty good live and mega hyped for a very short period, it was a good time for me watching bands. saw the Scene as well, proper smart Mod band, really liked the singles they had out. Travelled around the country quite a bit supporting events in Swindon, Peterborough, Clacton, Bournemouth and had some great times. for me being there for the rise (in our circle) of Makin' Time was pretty special - wouldn't have swapped that for the world.

General music chat / Re: What gigs have you been to? feedback ect.
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:47:41 AM »
Just (literally) got back from the annual pilgrimage to see the Rifles play their acoustic Christmas gig at the boogaloo. Missed my last train home and very glad that ihave taken Thursday of work. Why do they come on so late, we left at 1130 and they were still playing and no sign of Romeo and Juliet! They opened with Local boy, which is my fav ever track and I could have walked out then and been happy. Liam Gallagher was not in attendance this year but the crowd was lively with a mixture of mods/ beardy trendy London blokes/ new Moddy types and a couple of skins.

The rifles are great I love them to bits and singalong to every song. It's pretty special to see them in a venue like this, such a difference from seeing them in a packed Brixton academy with 2,500 people to the boogaloo, which is like being in your local pub.

Not tonight but wanted to mention Point Blank - a mod night in central London last Saturday. Didn't seem to get a mention on here. It was great and good to see Soulstar there. Love being in a place with plenty of smart mods all having a great time? Takes me back. Really good night. Can't wait for the next one.


Banter / Re: Modology
« on: November 15, 2014, 12:43:51 AM »
Sounds great. I'm planning on buying a caravan  :-[

My milestone is later this month. We moved here a year ago and I'm building a pool and still buying furniture as we moved into a big house from a tiny terrace.

Once that's over with I plan to buy myself a Gretsch White Falcon (Billy Duffy model!) and keeping some money back as after much time deciding I think I'm gonna hold out for a Scomadi 300 if there's any way to get one over here.

Beautiful guitar Rod.
Scooter is not bad either. There were at least 6 or 7 on last weeks ride of remembrance. Looked good, quite impressed

Scoots and scootering / Ride of Remembrance 2014
« on: November 09, 2014, 08:00:52 PM »
not everyone's cup of tea I accept but a sight to behold.

we left from Middlesex/Surrey borders and there were about 50 of us, with people stopping traffic at roundabouts making it a great journey until we got to around shepherds bush.

Got to regents park and it was awash with scooters. someone had a count up and there was 1020 scooters! Pretty amazing, after the silence and then wait about 3/4 off the scooters appeared to head off into central London. It is pretty great experience to be part of so many, with all pedestrians either grabbing phones/cameras of covering their face from the 2 stroke fumes.

We went to lay the wreaths and then off to the pub just off the Kings road.

Great day, great weather, great people, great respect.

Lots of every type of scooterist there, obviously plenty of Mods and every type of scooter. followed a few of the new Scomadi and they looked quite smart.

well done scooter riding people.


Banter / Re: Coming to London/ UK mid August
« on: August 26, 2014, 09:36:28 AM »
how is your trip going?

Be interested to see what you thought of the Bank Holiday weekend in Brighton?

also anyone else's opinion of the weekend.

I was in the IOW and it really struggles (for a mod) without Hipshaker. Had a good weekend but it's just not the same.


Banter / Re: The official Modculture football thread
« on: June 06, 2014, 09:28:05 PM »
Normally keep out of this football thread but can't pass up the opportunity to say witnessing Bobby Zamora's 89 minute 50 second goal at Wembley on Saturday was the greatest experience of my Queen's Park Rangers supporting days. It wasn't the promotion, it was just winning a final at Wembley (albeit a play-off final).

Been a season ticket holder for roughly 32 years. That spilt second made every cack moment worthwhile. Still buzzing from it.

Missed this and echo those words exactly. What an amazing feeling and an amazing day. From central London beers prior to the game, the build up, the stadium full (no prawn sandwich brigade missing the first 15 mins of each half) of passionate fans, completely half and half. The qpr fans with the flags (good gesture qpr) snatching victory from the jaws of defeat and going mental when 'oh bobby Zamora' scored. Unbelievable. Singing qpr songs all the way along Wembley way, at the station, at baker st and every time you saw another qpr fan well into the night. My 4th trip to see QPR at Wembley the best the draw in 82! Coming back from Cardiff after they beat us in the last play off was a real low, this was a high. Let's hope we don't repeat the same mistakes as two years ago. Unfortunately you feel disaster is lurking just round the corner when you are a qpr fan!

In fact two weeks later I am stil buzzing!  ;D

Banter / Re: Coming to London/ UK mid August
« on: June 06, 2014, 09:17:03 PM »

Are you sure you need to be in the North for the Bank Holiday? I think Brighton and dare I say the IOW are really not something to be missed and if you have never been you really should try and change your plans (IMO).

Because some of our crowd favour the scooterists lifestyle we end up in the IOW. The amount of smart mods seems to increase year upon year. There's lots to see and do, Ham Yard do and if Hipshaker is on not to be missed. Whatever you do, wherever you go, the buzz of thousands of scooters everywhere, especially Ryde seafront needs to be experienced.

You can fit both in over the weekend!

As for markets in London lots of info in the link.

we like Portobello, start the Ladbroke grove end. Last year there is a stall about 30 yards in on the right selling cheap Baracuta. Walk up to Adams (the one shop you MUST go to) just opposite is usually good vintage ties and scarfs. Just up from Adams is a good stall for desert boots etc. we would then turn right and wander through the market taking all the sights and sounds. Few record stalls in the arcades but very mainstream and expensive. Walk right down to Notting hill. we would then jump on a bus to Oxford circus.

From Oxford circus walk down little argyle street to Libertys, turn right then onto Carnaby. Peckham rye is a decent tie shop. There are a few commercial shops to look at but wouldn't buy from there. opposite Ben Sherman follow road for about 1/4 mile until you reach Berwick st. Turn right. Follow road down, few record and vintage shops (bang bang okay).walk through the closed walk way at the end. Turn left past madam jojo's.cross road take slight right diagonal. Now in  Old Compton st (main gay road in London and quite lively) get a few strange looks sometimes when me and my mate walking down the street in matching Harrington and scarfs! Bar Italia is about 3/4 of the way down on the right. At the end takes bit ova right and you should be at Cambridge circus. Cross the road and you will find fopp. Great for compilation CD's etc and just browsing. follow road down and you will be in 7 dials. Fred Perry - worth going in just to see if anything in the sale. Gibson is next door. If you carry on down you will end up in Covent Garden. There are some vintage shops on the fringes and although I can't explain I would veer left just before you get to the main crossing and find the cross keys pub, great to stand outside, usually too hot inside. You will have earnt a pint after that walk!

The next day I would go to Brick lane and around Mendoza's. Lots of stuff to see.

Camden for and afternoon/evening (not Sunday IMO).I have never been to the Modfather. Would have a few drinks around the pubs and check out if anything is on at the Fidlers Elbow.

Regards Mike

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