Author Topic: Some forum rules - please read them to survive  (Read 3618 times)


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Some forum rules - please read them to survive
« on: March 10, 2013, 07:14:26 PM »
Ok, the forum is back, but due to a very different world right now, the way it is run will be very different to the way it once was.

1. Play nice
Nothing wrong with debate, but if it gets personal, you'll be removed from the forum. There's a rating system in place that will mean serial offenders will be automatically banned for good. You'll know your 'score', so you'll have no reason to plead ignorance.

I haven't got much spare time these days, so it's either good behaviour or you are gone.

2. No religion, no politics, nothing offensive
Bit obvious really, but note that this is a mod forum and that's by and large the basis of it. If you post things completely unsuitable to the forum, they will be removed. If they are offensive, you will be removed.

3. This is not a plugging and sales board
I've brought this back because there is a gap for a decent forum centred around mod. That's the prime purpose. If you are going to use this place just to self-promote or sell, you aren't going to be around for long.

Nothing wrong with either of those things, just make sure you are contributing to the forum at the same time.

4. Act like an adult
Bit obvious really. Do not act like a child (including complaining that people have said things about you after you've been dishing it out for days), don't say things you wouldn't be comfortable saying 'face to face' and don't deliberately antagonise people.

5. You are responsible for anything you post
If you post something offensive or even libellous, you are responsible for it and you will be the person facing any actions that come from it. There is free speech, but it has to be fact-based.

6. No religion / no politics
Self explanatory really.

That's all really. The forum is not open to public viewing and is limited in membership to keep the costs down (there are no ads running here to support the forum). If you are in, you are one of the lucky ones. So please don't ruin it for yourself.
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