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I've recently bought a lavish US edition (hardcover, coffe table sizing) of "The adventures of Jodelle" , by Guy Peellaert and Pierre Bartier, first published in 1966, a classic french bande dessineé and a wonderful, pioneering mix of pop art graphics with over the top plot, sex and violence (soft 60s style, of course) included.

Set in a dystopic ancient Rome with touches of contemporary London, Vegas and NY, the main character is a spy whose features are based in the beautiful Sylvie Vartan. But the story takes a back seat here to the colours' explossion, acid-drenched backgrounds and sensuous females that fill these pages. Think of Peter Blake and Peter Max joining hands to make a graphic novel and you'll be close.

Jodelle influenced a lot of illustrators across Europe (my compatriots Miguel Calatayud, with Peter Petrake, and Ivan Zulueta among them) and the drawer, Guy Peellaert, went on to huge success in the 70s with his book "Rock dreams", but honestly I prefer him in this pop art phase.

Highly recommended!

Martin G:
Looks like great artwork. Sylvie was the girl on the same bill as The Fabs wasn't she when they had the word they had a Number 1 in the US yeah?

Et voilą!

Martin G:
That's it mate. Lovely looking girl


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