Author Topic: Lambretta Vendetta  (Read 3442 times)


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Re: Lambretta Vendetta
« Reply #10 on: June 14, 2017, 12:57:51 AM »
Those Lambretta twist n go's from a few years ago never caught on with anyone did they?

Yeah in my un- expert opinion I'd say that they were too far away from the classic style to attract any purists, whilst being poor competition for the modern plastic scooters already out there.

Also I think there may have been some serious legal issues as to whether they actually had rights to the Lambretta name.

The new vendettas have a much more classic style but it's hard to say much more as details aren't out.


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Re: Lambretta Vendetta
« Reply #11 on: July 05, 2017, 10:30:40 AM »
After all the PX chat I must admit that I have heard reasonable reports about the Scomadi and excellent things about the Vespa GTS but still the PX is best choice as a true classic.
Meanwhile I am about to shoehorn a modern vespa 125 engine (auto) into a 1952 Lambretta LD ( very early French one) .  Should be a laugh, don't tell the purists. Photo later in the year if it works out.

I don't mind the look of the new Lambretta ...... there's been loads of criticism about the loss and how it won't appeal to scooterists here, however I imagine that will be just a small part of their market.
I've got a GTS 300 and I have to say it is excellent for work. Very quick away from the lights, agile enough to filter in most situations and comfortable on the motorway. The only downside is i miss the smell and sound of 2 stroke. I like the look too ...... but then i also like the ET and LX models. I'm not a fan of the boxy PX shape, although i had a T5. I keep the Lambrettta for Sundays.