Author Topic: Brogues (kylie minogue's)  (Read 1627 times)

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Re: Brogues (kylie minogue's)
« Reply #10 on: November 07, 2017, 08:24:15 AM »
If you're in the London area I second Discount Shoes at Strutton Ground.Very good prices. Ring or e-mail them if you have a specific shoe in mind and they'll tell you the price. They don't sell online but they will post shoes out and I find that they consistently beat all online outlets for price.

Yes this is all true . I like the fact that you can phone them and have a conversation . Mod wasn't the only good thing we had in the past -actual live conversation was another . . 8)

That's easy fur you tae say.

  I think face to face communication will make a comeback in the next few years - "social" media has had its day . .
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