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Re: A Very Secret Service - Netflix TV show
« Reply #20 on: September 14, 2018, 05:26:57 PM »
Only a couple of episodes in, but loving this show. Funny, very un-pc and some great sets and clothes

It's nice to have you back, doc! At the risk of hijacking the thread... did you like the Gene Clark's record? At first listening, the obvious demo quality of the recordings was an unwelcome distraction, but it has grown on me. In fact, I'd say almost half of the songs merit inclusion in the GC's canon (to name a couple personal favourites: "Doctor, doctor" and "7:30 mode"), and the rest aren't half bad. Of course, he was at the peak of his vocal form, so song quality aside it's a pleasure to hear him sing.

I'll keep this brief, as we have hijacked the wrong thread. Like you, I thought it was a little hit and miss in terms of the songs themselves, but Gene does sound wonderful throughout. Final note; in case you didn't catch it last time around, bbc4 (I think, will confirm) are showing The Byrd Who Flew Alone again on Saturday 22nd September. I'm guessing you can get the iplayer online.

P.S thanks for the welcome back. I've been lurking but been hugely distracted with work and some domestic issues of late, things settling down again now

I'll check that out, doc, thanks for the heads up. Hope those domestic issues will turn out fine.