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Small World of Sammy Lee on TV


Ady C:
Talking Movies channel, 9pm Friday 28th Dec

This film is brilliant. Stars Anthony Newley as a compere in a seedy Soho club who has to raise money to pay off gambling debts.

Martin G:
Yep! An absolute blinder. Actually watched the Blu-Ray last night with my Mother-In-Law who frequented The 2 Is, Ronnie Scotts and many other places in late 50s so she was thrilled to see Soho looking much as it did when she and her future husband were out and about back then. Great film.

Ady C:
I got the DVD for Xmas. My fave scene is when he gives his valedictory speech in the strip club and lets them all know what he thinks of them. Way to burn yer bridges, Sammy lad!

The Laird of Enfield:
Shoulda goat oan that bus.


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