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Martin G:
Sat 9 Feb on the Beeb is the final part of the Bowie 'FIVE YEARS' documentary trilogy. Fantastic Radio Times cover to bring it to the public's attention too. Covering in part, what many consider as, Bowie 'The Mod Years' so sure to be of interest to those here with even only a passing interest in him. For me it is a must watch. The jewel in the crown of the production sounds like a previously thought to be lost LIFT OFF WITH AYSHEA (Remember that guys!) performance considered to be the first telly appearance of Bowie in the Ziggy persona. Can't wait.

The Laird of Enfield:

Martin G:
Spot on mate. That's the girl. Met her a few years back at an event. She was also in the Anderson show UFO at the same sort of time hence my particular interest in her. Still a lovely looking lady and really nice too. Worn very well.

Woody 64:
Jeez Martin,I forgot all about this show. ITV around 4.30 if I remember correctly. Cannae beat a bit of Bowie. Cheers for the heads up mate.

Martin G:
Exactly right mate. Same sort of time slot and production team to SHANG-A-LANG, GET IT TOGETHER and MOONDOGS MATINEE all on ITV.


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