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Re: The official Modculture football thread
« Reply #1560 on: November 20, 2020, 08:53:12 PM »
No , you would not get the young Laird in that get up . I think l would dip out too actually. . 8)

To be honest, it doesn't float my boat either, though I can see the attraction for some of a Mod persuasion.
Possibly would look better with a crew neck on it.

Just seen your post Neil, after I responded to Rafa's post.  AGC do something similar, but with hoops, as opposed to stripes.

With the latest round of house arrests kicking in tomorrow , l am now reluctant to buy anymore new gear , wondering when l will ever get a chance to wear it . Still got those lovely Dr Watson shoes l bought earlier in the year never worn outside.
We are on the football thread and l honestly can't see the current political set up here ever allowing a capacity crowd at my local stadium . It is begining to feel like the kind of control that used to be decried by our media when it went  on in other countries , now they positively promote it . . .don't go out ye. . . >:(

I know what you mean but I'm sure that once the vaccines are nearing mass availability (Spring/Summer 21??) then things should be allowed to start returning to something like normality.

We've got Bungling Boris stating yesterday that there might be a return of crowds to football matches in England from December onwards (yeah right!!), yet on the other hand they're still debating whether we can have 10 people round our house over Christmas!! Go figure.

Normally at this point of the week   l would start thinking about Saturday's game , the likely lineup and what tactics etc . Then about meeting up with my Buddies for some banter then on the game and then a quite libations afterwards to dissect the match etc.

However as you will appreciate  , that simply hasn't occurred for months . .

They have taken away our liberty, our human rights and in many   many cases  our livelihoods.  Concrete evidence certainly in your country that the Magna Carta has been violated.
Vaccines?  Why should we be expected to take a vaccine for a disease that cannot kill 99.9% of our population ? Who benefits from us taking a vaccine that will like have a 26% efficacy or less and considering this one is being rushed to market , is it only the big pharmaceutical companies and Bill Gates ( who has effectively bought out our media ) who will benefit by effectively making a killing . ..billions or trillions of dollars or whatever electronic currency they plan to roll out along with the tyranny.  . .


I appreciate that you have strong views on this issue, which you are perfectly entitled to hold.

Personally, I'm fed up of the disruption to my life so if taking a vaccine enables me to return to some kind of normality I think it's a small price to pay and I'm willing to pay it.

Like you, I too would be looking ahead to the match tomorrow.  I miss meeting my fellow Owls in the pub before the game, travelling to and attending the match (though I'm not sure I will always miss the way we have been playing  ;D) and then going back to the pub afterwards for an in depth post-match analysis, or as I like to call it - getting pissed  ;D.

I miss getting dressed up and going out to Soul/Mod events, listening to great music (yes Daz, it's all usually very 'retro'  ;D) and having a dance.

I even miss going to work and interacting with work colleagues. I've been working from home since 18th March and whilst Microsoft Teams and Zoom have been great to enable us to 'talk' to each other, it's not the same.

So, if having a vaccine will enable me to return to those kind of activities then I for one can't wait until I get the call/letter from my doctor telling me that it's my turn.

Keep well my friend.

Totally get it but it sounds a bit like  if you want your life back take the vaccine . Which is a bit like holding you to ransome
I should not have take a vaccine in order to get my basic human rights back that were stolen by this current regime .
Hopefully   hopefully by the time we do get back to our stadiums in anything like decent numbers , our respective Clubs still exist. .

That last point is actually a very good point.  We're lucky to have a relatively wealthy owner who has already pumped an inordinate amount of money into the club, so we SHOULD be OK, but I fear that a lot of 'smaller' clubs might not be so lucky.

Let's hope it's not too long before we can make a return.