Author Topic: MODS - THE NEW RELIGION. LATEST UPDATE.  (Read 28214 times)


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« Reply #150 on: January 31, 2017, 11:46:22 AM »

Well, here we go... The bad news is that Omnibus publishing have rescheduled the book for October. The good news is that they actually wanted to put it back until April 2014! After much discussion we got a date that is now 7 months away. But bearing in mind I spent several years writing the book and interviewing crucial people that I wanted, another few months isn't that bad. Omnibus are the largest music publishers in the world and will have great distribution. Sorry for the delay but you wanted a proper book on Mods ( apart from RIchard Barnes) so here it is........

Front and back cover not yet agreed but it is a taster

Smiler's back! Or so it seems. I've found this in Amazon by chance, scheduled to appear next august. On paper, the idea seems pretty close to what Tony Beesley intends to achieve in his forthcoming book "Mojo Talkin'". Anyway, an interesting and much needed approach to our beloved subculture. I've pre-ordered mine, of course.