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Mod fashion and style / Re: The What Are You Wearing Thread
« on: January 07, 2022, 01:57:17 PM »
Sorry Rod but that's awful I've seen better dressed kids wearing shell suits on the terraces...there's pushing the edges and falling off the end of the Earth.

Still alive & kicking (just) I've got a few other DNA pieces including a couple of unworn items but it seems like I'd be better off listing them on a few Facebook selling pages or e bay as seems like they would get a wider exposure.

Hope you're keeping well and if we ever can travel freely again I'd love to buy you a nice glass of red.

They were a bit of an impulse lock-down buy..I have some Loake Royals which are a very similar colour (albeit a shoe not a boot) and I've not worn those in almost 2 years!

I'll probably stick these up on the various Facebook sites now which seem to have a little more traffic.


Another Lockdown impulse purchase from Andrew at his team at Modshoes. Been sat in the box since they arrived, I've not even tried them on!

Size 10 in the Oxblood colourway with the Winter sole so ideal for upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons. These are now 132 on their website:

I'd like just 60 so less than half price and I'll cover the postage too (UK signed for delivery).

P1030065 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030064 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030063 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030061 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030059 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030066 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

I purchased this DAKS 100% wool jacket from a respected vintage clothes shop during LD, but it's never since the light of day since it arrived (still has tag on it) and to be honest it's not likely to going forward.

A really nice check which being quite muted in it's colour palette can be matched easily to shirts/trousers etc. I did intend to change the buttons over but have left the signed DAKS ones in place so the new owner can make that decision.

Made in England, 100% wool, 3 button fastening (not been altered) twin vents, non working cuff buttons, and at least 3 inside pockets too. It's in lovely vintage condition and you'd be hard pushed to tell it wasn't new off the rail.

I can't recall exactly what I paid so how about 50 to include UK delivery (signed for) Again e mail me or DM me here for any more details.]

Pics again from today:

P1030013 by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030021 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030022 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030019 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030018 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030017 by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030015 by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

Hi fella's it's been a while!  Hope you & yours have all been keeping well during these strange times.

Due to a few changes in my life I'm listing several choice pieces of mine that either haven't been worn for over 2 years or so, and in some cases not at all. Those who know me, will verify anything I sell is of A1 quality so those of you new hear you can definitely deal in confidence.

So, on with the show, and 1st up is a jacket I never thought I'd let go, but it's been hanging in a suit bag in my attic for well over 2 years ago and to be fair I can't see it being worn again...

It's from one of the forum favourites, DNA Groove. Size is a DNA large so good for a 38"/40" chest. In the Asti style (check the website for more details) 3 button fastening, single vent, 2 working cuff buttons, and patch pockets with flaps.

The fabric is as soft as mohair it really is that good. A deep brick red with subtle grey over-check. You simply wont get a better looking sports coat and are guaranteed not to see another.

Asti jackets from Claudio are becoming rarer to find especially in this size and currently retail from 300e to 360e on the DNA website. Oh and then there's the postage costs to take into account from Spain...not cheap as I've bought stuff from him recently.

I'm asking what I consider a fair price of 150 which will include recorded delivery in the UK. I will consider serious and I mean serious enquiries from our overseas members but the postage would need to be calculated by me in advance before posting, and I will only do so by recorded and tracked delivery to ensure it gets to where it needs to.

Here are the photos taken today, and feel free to e mail me at if you would like to discuss anything in more detail.

 P1030003 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030009 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030007 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030011 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030012 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030006 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1030005 (1) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

20170317_133925 by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

It's yours Errol. I'll drop you a line re payment.


Fashion for sale or wanted / Art Galley & Gabicci ...
« on: October 11, 2020, 12:52:53 PM »
Next we have an Art Gallery knit (worn once in Zaragoza in Sept 2019) and an unworn Gabicci zip neck short sleeve number.

I have washed the Art Gallery top yesterday and will iron it before sending. Basically as new, bar a couple of hours wear in a wine bar in Zaragoza (see pic) 13 months ago. Really lovely quality. Mustard, white and navy. Fully buttoned with a inner collar button flapping collars on this one. Marked as a medium, again a 38" to 40" chest.

Paid c70 for this so 30 including postage seems fair. Same overseas posting ruleset applies.

The Gabicci is unworn. The stripes are pale blue NOT white as my photos may show. Zip neck. Again a "slim fit" but chest is fine for a 38"/40% Purchased from Arcade Clothing in Eastbourne. Has hung in my wardrobe since for a year now....How does 25 sound?

IMG-20190924-WA0002 (2) by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1020602 by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1020605 by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1020603 by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1020607 by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1020613 by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1020612 by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1020610 by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1020609 by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

P1020611 by Steve Bolt, on Flickr

As ever, if you want detailed numbers

...thanks for bearing with me on listing up the first batch of gear I have to offer. I've been mad busy at work, doing 17 mile hikes in driving rain for a local charity and enrolling in an advance riding course.

First up are 3 DNA Groove items..they are all marked as large but this is more a Continental/Italian large so more of a UK medium...I'd sat all are spot on for a 38"-40" chest but I would add if you have a bit of a "beer gut" I'd give these a miss as the buttons will definitely pull in that area.

OK kicking off with a 3 button jacket in what I'd describe as RAF blue. I've tied both my mobile phone and a Panasonic Lumix camera and can't quite to capture the colour accurately as it looks like grey but rest assured it's definitely blue.

It's lined in a complimentary pale blue (Man City home colours).  Also it's will crease, that's the nature of the fabric. 3 buttons, twin vents and 2 working cuff buttons..if you don't know DNA by now then I suggest checking the website or having a chat with Claudio.

I've worn this 3 times. It's definitely one for the Summer unless you live in a sunnier climate and works well with cream chinos or white jeans.

Can't recall what I paid, but definitely around 320 or so.

Happy to take 85 which will include postage in the UK. I WILL send overseas, but will have to get a price for this and will only send by some kind of tracked delivery at a cost to the buyer.

The first picture is accurate for the actual colour:



Next a couple of shirts, oddly the check one I have worn with the jacket so maybe a good combination for someone else too.

It's the larger collar variant with the double button neck fastening. Half a dozen wears at most and looks as good as new. Twin button cuff fastening so more a casual shirt than one for a suit depending on your personal preference: THIS ONE IS SOLD NOW




A similar shirt will set you back around 70 Euro plus the postage to the UK so you know this is a bargain at 25 posted. Again outside the UK I will post at additional cost.

The 3rd and final offering is one of my all time favourite shirts from DNA A long-sleeve Madras number. Same size as the check number but it a softer Madras fabric. This doesn't bleed so the colours have remained as from new.

The usual DNA collar size with the single neck button. Works so well with dark denim as it does with a pair of chinos or even shorts..


Again I'd like 25 inc postage in the UK..Overseas posting as before.

Any questions, measurements or additional photos let me know. Oh and I'll knock off 10% if anyone wants two or all of these.

Cheers, Steve.

Cheers GS  :)

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