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General music chat / Stringfellow & King Mojo
« on: July 19, 2018, 08:55:24 PM »
This is a campaign to have Peter Stringfellow honoured on the "Sheffield Walk of Fame" for his contributions to the City's musical heritage with the King Mojo - and all it was associated with.

Apparently the council have rejected this before - based on his later involvement with erm, the other type of clubs.
Seems a bit unfair and - like him or loathe him - I think his friends and ex-Mojo colleagues deserve a bit of support with this. Just takes a click.

Spotify playlists and online mixes / "Pack yo' rags and go!"
« on: October 18, 2016, 08:26:20 PM »
A new mixcloud erm, mix.

Strolling R&B, Blues Heavyweights, Joyous Ska, Mod Jazz, Sweet and Sour Soul.

A broad sweep including Young Jessie, Jackie Opel, Freddie Hubbard, Ronnie Jones, Linda Lyndell, Ricky Allen, Howlin’ Wolf, Humble Souls, Clyde McPhatter & Jimmy Smith.


These are a real bargain. Neil Henderson was swamped with interest when he got hold of some of these last week and they were all gone in minutes. He's managed to get his hands on some more and is happy to accept direct paypal payment (friends & family - and include your address). Best get in quick.

Neil couldn't log on here to post up himself - but you can tap him directly on FB - I think this link might work, or pay to the paypal address below.

Managed to get another stash of this mod jazz LP that proved so popular last week FOR SALE - First come first served! Dead stock copies of this superb limited edition double LP put out by Blue Note Records in 2001 - long since deleted and with 3 extra vinyl only additional tracks not on the CD - so many great artists and a steal at just £9+£3 UK post - PayPal preferred -p/m me of friends request and message to reserve for people with paypal

Banter / The Revival Revival.
« on: January 12, 2015, 05:46:36 PM »
Monkey recently wrote a piece about a gig - then a period  - in the 80’s, that he has coined the “revival revival” (a fine read: ).

This sparked a bit of conversation as bells rang on the “gigs” thread – and I thought this period deserves its own thread. I put this in "Banter" as although this was kicked off by music - it would also be interesting to look at the style and attitudes of the time.

I suppose it‘s almost a “son of mod” thing. I was well aware – and loved – what was going on in ’79, but I was ten and not in a position to get involved, other than being excited by the stories and music that came from cousins and mates’ older brothers and sisters. I caught a few decent “original” bands and club nights but by the time I was 14, it felt like it had all been left for the taking (there didn't actually seem that much left to take). Carnaby St every weekend was seen as cheesy to those that had moved on – but there was a whole new layer of young mods who were circling, ready to land (I don’t know if it was a “movement”?).

Myself and about six mates were the only ones in a school year of about 180 who hadn’t jumped from the 2 tone thing to become “casuals”. So, it was always great to see other mod kids of our age. I remember really feeling this at an alldayer in Ilford in 1984, where it seemed full of older (probably late teens  :-\) downstairs – but plenty of whelps like us were upstairs. Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t that the older ones were unfriendly; it’s just that most weren’t that interested in us “kids”. This was the case at most of the events we attended.

I remember wondering if this was a “London” thing, until reading in fanzines about bands who were a similar age, like The Threads etc from all over the UK (and wider with The Blades, XL, Untouchables etc). As others said, I really rated Makin’ Time – they seemed quite sophisticated and very different to the other bands I loved, like The Scene, The Rage and later, The Moment. We’d go to see anyone (The Chance, anyone?) but records wise; I’d played the “Mods Mayday ‘79” lp to within an inch of its’ life and the “Countdown” and “Beat Generation & the Angry Young Men” comps got the same treatment. Then, Squire, The Jetset, The Times  - it felt like plenty going on (good and bad). Guilty pleasure confession: Jump Back by Dee Walker.

Had some great times – gigs, clubs and a few tolerant pubs and it’s odd (in a good way) to hear that loads of us trod the same paths - some almost crossing. This is where my biggest regret comes in – not actually talking to more people. I think this was a combination of the survival instinct to be suspicious of all – (felt to be needed in often violent 80’s London), and the oldest fella in our little group being a surly git – discouraging social interaction.
By '85 I was 16, working in a bank and would occasionally come across someone wearing "Gibsons" or some other easily recognisable relic - and the rapport was instant.  Ah, well, before I sob – how was it for you?


Fashion for sale or wanted / Looking for Adam of London PoW trousers.
« on: December 28, 2014, 01:51:58 PM »
This is a long shot - but does anyone have a pair of Adam Shener / Adam of London trousers, in this cloth, that they'd be willing to sell (apologies for the small pictures)?

It's labelled as "Brown POW Check" Code no is A5 / 5486   210/8

I'm looking preferably for a 33 waist but would consider bigger if they're in decent condition.

Thanks for any help.

Websites and Links / Felix Fox – a Modern Fop.
« on: September 26, 2014, 08:23:00 AM »
A lovable / hateable character is emerging courtesy of an old MC forumee – Sye Loz.
Nice, short reads.

“Felix Fox – Modernist, Stylist, Narcissist”.

A long shot - but does anyone have a spare ticket for this event next week that they'd like to sell?

Thanks for any help.

Art and illustration / 33 rpm A Venture in Vinyl by Dean Belcher.
« on: June 30, 2014, 11:39:45 AM »
Not exclusively "mod" - but this project is excellent. It''s by photographer Dean Belcher and includes current and former forumees.

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