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General music chat / Journeys in Modern Jazz: Britain 1965-1972
« on: November 08, 2021, 09:53:20 PM »
Didn't see or hear about this when it came out in July, but Mark Baxter's latest blog on the Art Gallery Clothing blog reviews this release in detail.  Released on the Decca label, this is available as either a 2LP or 2CD option, consisting of 14 lesser known tracks. Both options come with a 20,000 word essay detailing this era of British jazz with track commentaries and artist biographies.  A track listing can be found on the blog.

I'll admit, I've only heard of a couple of the groups/ensemble included on this release, so others will be better qualified than me to comment on the track listing and artists, but I thought it might be of interest to a few on here.

General music chat / Night Comes Down - Forthcoming Boxset
« on: November 02, 2021, 09:19:45 AM »
Following on from the discussion around the new Eddie Pillar boxset, I've just seen this forthcoming boxset on the Cherry Red Records website - - which may be more to some peoples liking.

This is a 3CD set compiling '60s British Mod, R&B, Freakbeat and Swinging London Nuggets'.  It looks a decent package for 18.99 with many rare and obscure tracks in amongst a few familiar names, though they've veered away from some of their more obvious tracks.  It's released on 3rd December and is available to pre-order now (and no, I'm not on working on commission 😁).


Books and other printed media / Scorcha!
« on: September 10, 2021, 10:14:26 AM »
I finally received a copy of Smiler and Bax' new book yesterday which, as we already know, focuses primarily on suedeheads and skinheads from 1967 through to 1973.

This is obviously not a thorough review of the book, it can't be in such a short space of time,but I thought it might be useful to offer my first impressions for anyone who might be interested.  The first thing that struck me was the similarities with Smiler's 'A New Religion' book; the proportions are exactly the same, as are the number of pages (both books are exactly 304 pages in length!!).  Once you open the pages, you will also immediately recognise the layout and style of the book, which again mirrors ANR; as the old saying goes, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'!!

The early pages in the book set the context; the Windrush generation, Soho mods, clubs, music; the first 70+ pages might easily have been included in ANR, though it is obviously more of a summary and so looks to set a useful context for the transition between the styles into the more generic skinhead 'look'.  Further chapters then develop this theme in more detail; the clothes, the important record labels and the music; the clubs; books and films; and the rise of the 'bovver boy' and football violence.  It also doesn't shy away from sensitive subjects like racism.

As with ANR, there's a multitude of 'first-hand accounts' from people who were there at the time, running alongside a plethora of fantastic photos, many of which I understand have never previously been published.  One small criticism I have; no, 'criticism' is too strong a word, the only slight 'disappointment' for me is the lack of material specifically about suedeheads, which consists of about 20 pages at the end of the book.  I think this is something that Smiler has also acknowledged as being an issue; having said that, the perception of this small offshoot is that it was relatively short-lived, so source material may have been more difficult to come by.

All in all, at first sight, it looks like another worthwhile addition to the bookshelves.  RRP is 30, though I know I got mine cheaper, so by shopping around, you should be able to get a copy for less than that.


Books and other printed media / The Blue Millionaire - Alan Fletcher
« on: September 04, 2021, 03:44:56 PM »
Another book ticked off the 'wants' list 😉.

I've been after this book for years but have refused to buy it previously because of the ridiculous prices being asked on EBay and Amazon.

This is actually the third and last book in the 'Mod Crop' trilogy written by Alan Fletcher in the mid/late 1990s.  I bought the first two books direct from the author's publishing company when they were originally published but, for reasons I can't now remember, I didn't buy this book when it was released.

I'd not thought much about it until about 10 years ago when I decided to complete the set, but it was difficult to find anywhere selling the book. The few people or companies selling were quoting ridiculous prices (100+ for a second hand copy), so I left it.  Over the years I've restarted my search for a copy on a few separate occasions, only to find the same few individuals or companies still trying to sell their copy(ies) for the same extortionate prices.

To cut a long story short (are you sure Chilli 😀) my most recent search found a copy advertised for a more reasonable 25.  It's still more than I wanted to pay for a copy but I decided I probably wouldn't get it any cheaper so bit the bullet and bought it. And it arrived in the post this morning.

I'm still awaiting receipt of Smiler's Scorcha book (should be here next week), but after that I don't think I'll be buying any further books for a while as I've now got loads to read.  I just need to make the time to read them 😁.

Upcoming mod events / Brighton Mod Weekender 2022
« on: September 02, 2021, 07:30:47 PM »
There's some great photo's of last weekends Mod weekender on the New Untouchables Facebook site, which I was just showing Mrs Chilli, and she asked if I fancied going next year. 

I'm really tempted because I've never been to this weekender before, and this got me thinking about a fairly recent discussion on here about organising a Modculture meet-up once our respective lockdowns were over. Would anybody be interested in going to this next year and us sorting an informal get together on one of the afternoons?

I'd be up for it and I'm sure Adam would be happy to host the meet-up at the shop and provide a complementary crate of lager 😂.


A copy of this meaty tome has just landed on the doormat this morning.  If you have just the slightest interest in the Style Council, it looks like another great addition to the library.  It's jam-packed with photos and provides what looks to be an in-depth overview of the band and its music from band members, other close associates and fans.

I look forward to finding the time to read it!!

Books and other printed media / Scootering Magazine - Jump the Gun feature
« on: November 27, 2020, 09:29:52 AM »
There's a nice 3-page feature on JtG that appears in the current edition of Scootering magazine, exploring the shop's history, clothing range and future plans.

A nice, positive piece about the shop and I'm sure Adam is pleased with the outcome.

Films / TV / Long Hot Summers: The Story of the Style Council
« on: October 23, 2020, 02:09:01 PM »
There seems to have been an increased focus on TSC over recent months, what with compilation albums and books, etc, well it looks like Sky are also getting in on the act.  The above documentary is scheduled for airing on the Sky Arts channel on Saturday 31st October at 9pm.  If you don't have access to the Sky Arts channel (and live in the UK) apparently it's also being aired on Freeview channel 11.

If TSC are your thing, it might be worth watching; I'll certainly be setting the record button on my old Betamax  ;)

I'm not sure if this book has been discussed on here previously but a copy just landed on my doormat this morning.

I know PW is not to everyone's taste but if you are interested, this quite meaty tome is available for a knockdown price of 15+p&p from the following website:  I'm not sure how much it was retailing for initially, but I think this is a significant discount.

It's split into 3 sections covering his Jam, Style Council and solo years, and features many never seen before images.  If you've got any interest in the Modfather  8) then this might be worth checking out.



Films / TV / Talking Pictures TV
« on: May 22, 2020, 11:20:20 AM »
I've mentioned this TV channel in another recent post (re: the Lambretta documentary), however the main Modculture site has highlighted a number of other recent, and forthcoming programmes on this channel, and I thought it worthy of its own topic where we might share details of forthcoming programmes that might be of interest to people on here.

Looking ahead, the following programmes might be of interest:
Sunday 14th June at 10:45 - 'Forever Vespa' documentary (Italian documentary so probably with subtitles unless overdubbed)
Followed by 'Be My Guest' - 1960s movie featuring Steve Marriott
Sunday 14th June at 10pm - 'Smashing Time', 1967 movie featuring Rita Tushingham

I'll try to keep a lookout for any others that look interesting.


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