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London to Paris...Completed!

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Red Steve:
Just a quick line to say thanks to Syd for sponsoring me. Team Cider Riders set off from Eltham Palace, in the borough of Greenwich, London last Thursday morning around 7am. We rode to Dover where we caught a ferry to Dunkirk.

The following three days involved some great riding in northern France on closed roads (we had over 30 motorcycle outriders) so no need to stop at junctions/traffic lights etc.

We arrived at the Arc de Triomphe around 2pm on Sunday afternoon after riding up the Champs-Élysées, which had been closed for the event.

Over the 4 days we rode 483k, climbed 4696 metres, spent 25 hours and 16 minutes in the saddle and burnt off 14,614 calories.

We've currently raised £3837 for the Royal British Legion who organised the event, and if you'd like to add to this then simply follow this link to our just giving page:

I'd put up some photos but have only got a Photobucket account which unless I pay for an upgrade won't allow me to share them, but if you are on facebook you can see a few on our Team Page:


You're welcome, Steve, it was really a small contribution, but I'm glad it helped. Looks like it was a terrific ride (and a hard one, judging by the hours spent and calories burned!)

Red Steve:
Not easy but definitely worthwhile and something I'll never forget.

Simon Bond:
 Well done Steve , you certainly put the miles in and you got to ride your bike down the Champs-Élysées which alone , would have been worth the trip I think . A couple of years ago l walked from the Arc de Triomph to the Place de la Concorde , that was superb but on a bike even better. .

Well done Steve!
I'd forgotten about this - sponsored about 6 months ago  - it puts the training for it into perspective.

A fine job.


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