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Re: Proper
« Reply #10 on: October 22, 2021, 03:41:49 PM »

Wow, what a review Rafa.

I bought Mod Ghosts and really enjoyed the concept, which I thought was a great, original idea, though I've been undecided about whether I should purchase this book. Not because some of it's content might be controversial or contentious, I've no problem with someone challenging my perceptions and long-held beliefs so long as it's done from an informed viewpoint and isn't disrespectful, but purely because I've been buying quite a few books recently and have a real backlog of books to read. You may have helped me make my mind up 😀.

Paul, you're an ideal candidate to enjoy "Proper", imho.

But I've still got me old parka, and you said it wasn't for those kind of mods (I've not got any highly flammable suits or bowling shoes though)  ;D

Just one of three, you can be excused for that!  ;D